Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nobu My First Comment

He is the cute one. I am looking at you.
The first comment I received today was from a close friend and colleague, Nobu Tshering. His comment on my post PLS made my day, not because he said an awesome thing about me but because I finally received a comment after one year of blogging. I am to blame myself and not anyone because I haven't tended my blog.

Opening my page and seeing a comment excited me. This feeling never surfaced before and I realize I had been very miserly with my time spending on my blog. Thank you Nobu, for your comment. You may not realize this your commenting has powered up my enthusiasm for blogging.
Thank you

PS - Incase you are interested in Nobu (he is married), I meant knowing him. He blogs at To Teach and Learn


  1. You are welcome my friend. I hope grow as a blogger.

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